04 April 2013
Surprize - In Movimento [FBN 26 CD] 
Surprize - In Movimento [FBN 26 CD]

The next in Factory Benelux's editions series is by the Bologna-based funk outfit Surprize who recorded one single for FBN in 1984.

Full details to follow.

In other FBNews, Treatise on the Steppenwolf by The Durutti Column will be re-released as FBN 63 CD in June 2013. This edition will replace the existing LTM edition and is identical in content to that release.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what's the point if it's identical in content? This FBN 'editions' malarkey is a crafty ploy to hook in Factory collectors and dupe them into thinking they're getting proper Factory collectables. They're not - and I'm sorry to say it comes down to being a cynical cash cow.

5/4/13 11:05

Blogger David Gerard said...

I somehow doubt James has dumptrucks full of money backing up to his house from these reissues.

19/8/13 15:03

Blogger David Gerard said...

(And frankly, if he did, that would be fantastic. He would be getting a quid, the bands would be getting a quid, and most importantly all this great music would have people actually listening to it, lots and lots. I really don't see a downside.)

21/8/13 08:18


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